Revolutionize Your Display Ads

AdKiosks is both a new type of display ad and an ad platform that enables advertisers to display an unlimited number of products from a single ad space, unleashing the ROI potential of an ad. Just as a physical kiosk leverages economy of space by displaying multiple products within a compact area, our patent pending ad tech does the same digitally within the area of a single ad space, and thus the term "AdKiosks."

Extend Your Marketplace

With AdKiosks, each ad is highly interactive, enabling your customers to have a rich ad experience without ever having to leave the ad publisher's web page. You can place your entire product inventory, or a relevant portion thereof, within the space of a display ad on another website, and in so doing, you extend your marketplace to your customers instead of trying to bring your customers to your site.

Show More, Engage More, Sell More

Within any AdKiosks' ad, customers can scroll through any number of individual products, enter a keyword search, or search by category. Also, they can expand views for more text information, observe larger images, watch videos, and share the content on social media. And most importantly, they can make purchases. All of these capabilities take place through the ad itself, without transporting customers from the ad publisher's web page to a landing page elsewhere on the website or on a different site. This keeps the customers with the content that they originally chose, where they can be presented with additional buying opportunities from the same AdKiosks' ad. 

Multiple Ad Views from One Ad Space

AdKiosks' formats are flexible, they conform to IAB standards, and they come in three distinct versions:

AdKiosks "List View" Ad
AdKiosks can be placed as ads on any site that excepts ads. Smaller AdKiosks appear as lists.
"List View" with product "Card"
When clicking on a product in list view it opens to reveal detail about the product. It also may contain a "Buy" button for in ad purchases.
AdKiosks "Board View"
This is what an AdKiosk looks like when you open it in expanded or "board" view. It floats over the site that you're AdKiosk ad is on and presents products and services inside of "cards" in a Pinterest-like view.
Board View with Open Card
When you click on one of the smaller "cards" in board view it opens in a shadowbox to reveal media rich information about the product. The card can contain a "Buy" button so you can purchase products or services without leaving the site you are on.
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To Learn More About the Concepts Behind AdKiosks and What You Can Do With Them
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Plug & Play

AdKiosks is available with a simple download. Once your app is downloaded on your smart phone or code embedded on your website, you're good to go. 

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