The following screen images present AdKiosks functionality and the features currently found in all AdKiosks. Colors and some design aspects can be modified to project your brand or match the site where the AdKiosk is placed.

AdKiosks are fully mobile and can be used as a dedicated product web-app for your customers with smartphones or tablets.  You can also use hand-held Adkiosks as a product search app your employees can use in your retail store to help them find items for your customers.  Once your AdKiosk account is set-up you can create a mobile app in a matter of minutes - no coding skills required.

AND ...  with AdKiosks you can extend your marketplace to any location in the real world.  Use an AdKiosk in "AdBoard View" as a remotely managed physical kiosk by combining a dedicated tablet or touch screen based PC with a stand.   Place them in malls, high traffic public spaces, and use them in your store to help customers find and buy your products!

Card View
Item List View - Default
  1. Advertiser or AdKiosk Name

  2. Open to Full Screen "AdBoard"

  3. Dynamic Search

  4. Category Dropdown

  5. Site and/or Device Responsive Frame Self-adjusting for IAB ad sizes or the screen size AdKiosk is presented on.

  6. Thumbnail Item image

  7. Link to advertise(If needed)

  8. Item Description

  9. "more" button expands ad to fill the entire ad space

  10. Scroll for additional items, Infinite scroll

  11. Settings

  12. Social Share Tools

  13. Number of available items viewed and viewable.

  14. Location Mapping(If needed)

  15. Help

AdKiosks come in two forms:

"Ad sized" AdKiosks which can flex to fit into the space of many IAB standard ads and present products in a simple list view.
And AdKiosk "AdBoards" which appear when you click on the       icon.
A sample AdKiosk in "list view" appears to the left with its features highlighted.
When you select an item in list view the item flips over into "Card View" and you can scroll the card to learn all about the product or service and even buy the item if the publisher allows it.
The media and transaction features of the card view are shown below.

Card View
Item Detail View
Card View
Item Detail View - Scroll Down
Card View
Item Purchase View

When the "expand screen" icon       is selected the AdKiosk opens into a nearly full screen window that presents all the product cards int the AdKiosk. You can scroll through them or filter them by using the category pull down or search capabilities.

Item List View - Full Screen

If you double click on a card it opens to an "expanded card view".  Just like the smaller version it provides detailed information, social sharing and mapping features, and if offered by the publisher the ability to purchase the product or service shown right in the window.  All without leaving the web site you are on!

Shopping Cart Modal - Full Screen