AdKiosks is a digital ad platform that enables advertisers to display unlimited products from a single ad space.  Just as a physical kiosk leverages economy of space by displaying multiple products within a compact area, AdKiosks' patent pending technology does the same virtually - within a single ad space, - that's why we call them ... AdKiosks!

With an AdKiosk your customers can search, view and buy your products, services or digital content on their favorite web site, blog or media portal from inside your online ad.  AdKiosks are fully functional virtual kiosks that allow you to share your entire product offering (or a targeted selection) anywhere on the web you would place an ad.


AdKiosks are fully mobile and can be used as a dedicated product web-app for your customers on their smartphones or tablets.  You can also use hand-held Adkiosks as a product search app that your employees can use in your retail store to help them find items for your customers.  Once your AdKiosk account is set-up you can create a mobile app in a matter of minutes - no coding skills required.
AND ...  with AdKiosks you can extend your marketplace to any location in the real world.  Use an AdKiosk in "board View" as a remotely managed physical kiosk by combining a dedicated tablet or touch screen based PC with a stand.   Place them in malls, high traffic public spaces, and use them in your store to help customers find and buy your products!

What are AdKiosks?